Shipping Your Puppies (Part #2)

Make sure your customers emotions are turned into a positive experience so you get future referrals from them!

Let's address the breeder that was shipping the Mastif. On larger dogs you can usually get the ears cropped when the puppy is 7 weeks old or weighs 10# or more. In our case we get the ears cropped at 7 weeks, our puppies are over 10# at 7 weeks old.

The vet puts on the "bonnet" over the ears and head; this is removed after 1-2 days. The ears are not set and are allowed to heal for 2 weeks before setting for the first time.

Prepare your puppy for shipping.

The puppy cannot be shipped before he is 8 weeks old, airline regulations, so this works out well for everyone. We clean the ears the night before the puppy is shipped out. An hour before he leaves for the airport the ears are set with “clean” tape and foam (the material we use for ear setting). The puppy is then cleaned with baby wipes to get any dirt off his body.

Since we use premium dog food the coats are shinny and the baby wipes gets the dull off the coat.

Prepare your puppy's shipping crate

In the crate the bottom of the crate is lined with a “pee pad” and taped down with duct tape. Over that is shredded newspaper about 3-5 inches deep. DO NOT USE COPY PAPER OR ENVELOPES OR DISCARDED MAIL!!! This type of paper can cause paper cuts in the dogs pads or tongue or other parts. How would that look to your customer to get the new puppy and there are blood spots from paper cuts in his feet. How embarrassing for the breeder! Then throw in a small had towel and a dog toy. That should do it.

The shredded paper will do a couple of things: 1) this will help keep the puppy dry if he wets in his kennel. 2) The puppy will be scared and this paper allows him to lie down and kind of hide behind the paper, he feels more secure.

Taking care of these little things is what can reap you large benefits. Here is what happens when your customer picks up the puppy at the airport:

  • The customer looks in the kennel and sees a clean and shinny puppy looking back at them.
  • The ear setting is clean and just done a few hours ago.
  • The puppy is dry because the packing was done properly.
  • The puppy is happier because he is dry and the ears are not sore because he was taken care of by a "professional".

Create happy customers

Your customer will be happy! They received the puppy clean, dry and happy. The breeder did everything that they said they would do and looked better that they expected. You must deliver what you promised and what the customer paid for. Always try to over-deliver on what you said you would do.

Buying a puppy is a very emotional time for your customers. You want those emotions turning in your favor by doing everything properly. All it takes are a couple of things happening like I described in the first segment that will make a customer turn those emotions against you.

Be a professional from the beginning to the very end. Make buying a puppy a happy and positive experience for your customers, they will love you for that experience.

My eBook "How to Make Money Breeding Dogs" can help you keep your business on track by doing all the little things right. Save yourself those embarrassing moments by doing things right the first time.


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