Be a Responsible Dog Breeder

Puppy For Sale, Yes or No???

I just saw a list of reasons that people send their dog to rescues, humane societies or other pet shelters. It was sad to see the reasons people are getting rid of their dogs:

  • My girlfriend doesn’t like him
  • I’m getting new carpet in my house
  • Won’t stay off the furniture
  • Has fleas
  • Got pregnant
  • Moving
  • Sleeps too much (dog is 12 years old)
  • Dog barks (owner kept German Shepherd tied up to a 6” chain)

Puppy For Sale----Yes to the right home!

These are pretty weak reasons for giving up on their dogs. We as breeders must do a better job finding homes for our puppies. We are not just selling puppies but providing a new family member to our customers. These new family members are providing companionship, friendship, protection, service needs or a number of other needs by the people.

We only have one chance to find a good home for our puppies. The process starts with the first contact with the potential customer. Keep notes about the conversation, are there children, will the puppy be home alone all day (maybe locked in a laundry room) and so on. If at any time you feel this person or family will not provide a good home for your puppy then DON’T SELL TO THEM! As a breeder we do not want to see our puppies end up in a rescue or humane society.

We are Not Puppy Mills, but Responsible Dog Breeders.

Here is how serious we are about this. We had a puppy sold and the money was in the bank. After the puppy was in the air I called the customer to remind her to be at the airport. During the conversation she told me the puppy had a nice bed made up on the back porch, instead of in the house with the family. Somehow we did not know about this during the several conversations and emails with her. Our dogs are family dogs that need to be part of the family. The puppy was only 9 weeks old and it was his first time away from his littermates and away from the only home he has known, he needed attention and love.

When I got home from the airport I called the airlines and intercepted the puppy at a layover stop and had hem send back to us. We gave the customer a $2200 refund. That was hard to do but it was best for the puppy. We found a better home for him within three days.

This is part of being a responsible breeder! Do this, and your breeding business will prosper and your customers will respect you.

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