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Getting into the dog breeding business was not in our plans as a full time business. Actually my wife started doing this part time to supplement our income. She was working part time and breeding the dogs part time.

At one point the dogs were too noisy and a neighbor complained, so she quit her part time job to take care of the dogs. She had more vision about this than I did, I could not see this business with the dogs being that profitable.

We both had sales experience, however I had a great deal more training in customer service, management and marketing. She loved selling the dogs so I supported her and tried to help her using my background and applying my experience to this business.

At the end of each year we would analyze the sales and future goals. Then a friend asked me a key question over breakfast one morning “can you sell twice the number of dogs in one year that you’re selling now”? I thought about this for about 2 seconds and said “sure we can”. So I went home and talked to my wife about this.

We analyzed our sales for the year, our advertising budget (which was very small), our lost sales because we did not have enough dogs, customer comments, and our testimonials. Then we checked out what other breeders were doing: their service, attitude, manners on the phone response to e-mails, etc. Then also we had two friends contacting other breeders for several weeks. We did not just look at breeders selling the same dogs, we looked into other breeds as well.

We then compared what we were doing to what other breeders were doing. It became obvious why our business was booming. Then every time my wife went to the vet she was questioned by other people about our business and what we were doing to sell so many dogs. Then we started getting phone calls from other breeders trying to get information from her.

It became very clear, we had the formula for success in the dog breeding business. That is why we are working together in this business instead of fighting corporate politics in the business world. I would rather be babysitting dogs than involved in the corporate “rat race”. I have been in the corporate world, and sometimes the extra money would not buy the extra aspirin I needed.

Just today another breeder called and started asking Suzan questions about breeding and selling dogs. She asked him about a couple of things he was doing or not doing. He could not believe the valuable information he received in just a few minutes.

This book is loaded with valuable information that can increase your chance for success. All you have to do is take the first step and buy this book, then read and follow the steps to success.

No, this is not what I planned on doing, but when something is working so well, I would be a fool to ignore this kind of success.

Paul Baker


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Your book has "set us free"! In a world of all the unwanted dogs needing homes and all the backyard breeders ---- why would we breed dogs? Your book has answered our questions. Now our farm has a new crop. .......... Ron & Laura

I just wanted you to know how much I love this book! Now I can put my love for dogs to work full time, instead of just my days off. .......... Julie

I had always heard breeders say "I'm not in it for the money" or "I'm only doing it to better the breed". But after reading your book I know the secrets and the real reason these breeders are doing it. Thank you, thank you. ...... Betty

I love animals, and I wanted to find a positive way to succeed, doing what I like to do. But I needed to make money at the same time. Your book made that possible. ....... Norm